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We help with:
  • your understanding of the contract
  • civil claims
  • debt recovery for money owed
  • disputes between shareholders
  • business partnership disputes
  • litigation in court
  • property, building and construction disputes.
  • the legal enforcement of a contract.
  • negotiate to settle the dispute before trial
  • complex agreements

Contract Disputes

ORB Lawyers assist in the resolution of a dispute that may arise out of a contract and we provide informed and researched advice to make the best decisions for you, the client.

Don’t Risk It! Be Certain – Be Thorough

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Never sign a contract until you have read it, you fully understand it and want to be legally bound to do what it says.
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Have you bought or sold something, leased a property, perhaps leased equipment and tools for an upcoming project. 
In discussions you have said or heard say
 “Yes I can do that job, it will cost you this many dollars”, 
“It will be there by 5pm provided I can get access and you have the money”. 
“It will do all that, really? Then I’ll buy it. How much did you say? 
Then you’ve entered a contract.
People make all kinds of promises and statements in their daily lives, sometimes without realizing how others may interpret them. A verbal statement that sounds like an offer which is in turn accepted may become a contractual obligation. 
Maybe you are ready to sign on that dotted line.
  • To buy a car
  • To buy a franchise 
  • To sign the loan documents
  • To be the guarantor for a housing loan
Before you sign that contract or anything that will be legally binding, do the following non-negotiables
  • Read the document you are signing.
  • Make Sure You Can Comply with the Terms of the Contract 
  • Don’t Understand Something? Have a Lawyer Review the Document.
Most contract disputes can be resolved quickly and efficiently with open communication and calm negotiations. A good, well written contract goes a long way to reach a resolution that everyone can live with.
A good contract is one that ensures and protects your rights, your understanding of laws of contracts and protects you, your business, your property, and assets. 
A good contract will prevent long, painful and expensive contract disputes.  
  • Contracts should be written in plain English.
  • If there is any doubt or confusion, ask for help.
  • At all times protect your position/your business
  • Know your rights.
  • Explore your legal options.

“I personally guarantee to provide you with the utmost care and attention when assisting you with understanding your contract”

Nat Oliveri – Solicitor Principal 
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1. Do you want to be bound by the contract?
2. Have you been made an offer and have you accepted that offer?
3. Have you agreed on a price or an exchange of something of value?
4. Do all parties to the contract know what they’re doing?
If you answered YES then have the contract written up, checked by a lawyer and then sign it.
If you answered NO to any of these questions then don’t sign the contract, and if you can’t renegotiate the terms of the contract then walk away.


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