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Confrontation with the law can be overwhelming and at ORB Lawyers we understand that very well. If you are charged with a criminal offence you will immediately need the assistance of a criminal defence lawyer. Regardless if it’s your first time before the court or the tenth, facing criminal charges is never something to take lightly. If charged with a criminal offence you should choose a reputable and experienced defence lawyer Adelaide to defend you. It is crucial for your defence lawyer to bring every bit of experience to the table for your matter and to be with you from the first mention of your matter through to the final decision of the Court.

ORB Lawyers offer advice and representation for an extensive range of criminal offences including:

  • Drug Offence – possession, cultivation, manufacture, trafficking
  • Traffic law offences – drink driving, cause death, speeding, serious driving offences, general
  • Offences of violence – assaults, murder, arson, robbery, weapon possession, housebreaking, carjacking etc.
  • Sexual assault or stalking, domestic violence
  • Dishonesty Offences– fraud, theft, receiving, white-collar fraud
  • Centrelink fraud
  • Malicious damage
  • Domestic violence case

ORB Lawyers will give you the right advice and deliver expert professional legal representation – when you need it most.

ORB Lawyers offer services that include:

  • Detailed meetings to discuss your situation and possible outcomes
  • Working with police prior to you being charged (if possible and you have established timely contact with the lawyer)
  • Effective and strong representation in Court
  • Bail applications and variations
  • Offer non-judgmental assistance.



Criminal Matters

  1. First Appearance: After you are charged with a criminal offence your first appearance in Court will be for what’s called a “first return or mention”.
  2. If you’re in police custody at the time of your first appearance, you will be taken to court for this appearance.
  3. The Police will provide you with a “Charge/Information Sheet”. This sets out all of the charges and legal basis of your matter.
  4. Charge Sheet will include the court you’re required to attend and when, you’re details, and the details of the alleged offence.
  5. Statement of Facts: The Police will also provide you with this document and describes the circumstances (as the police see them) surrounding your alleged offence.
  6. Keep copies of these documents in the best condition you can as ORB Lawyers will need them

  First Mention

  1. On arrival at court, with your defence lawyer Adelaide you will make your way to that courtroom.
  2. Eventually, the magistrate will “call” your matter.
  3. The magistrate may ask you to enter a plea, however this is rare as a first appearance.
  4. You have three options at this stage. The first is to plead guilty, the second is to plead not guilty and the third is to ask for more time to get legal advice.

What happens after First Mention in a Criminal Matter?

  1. If you plead guilty, the court will sentence you. What punishment the court hands down will depend on the charge and the circumstances.
  2. If you pleaded not guilty, the court will ask you and the prosecutor how long you each need to prepare your cases and set down a date for a Pre-Trial Conference
  3. For cases where more time is required to get legal advice, a date will be set come back for a “first mention”.


Each case is unique, and as such each case will require different & unique levels of preparation. The more complex the case, the more evidence required, and the more work for your legal team. At ORB Lawyers allow criminal lawyers along with experts will work with you to get the best outcome for your criminal case.

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