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Where there is an employer or an employee in Adelaide, Christies Beach, McLaren Vale, Norwood, Renmark or Unley, in fact anywhere in South Australia, there will also exist an employer/employee relationship between the employer and employee, that is a contract of employment.

There are specific terms and conditions written into the employment contract and both the employer and the employee must understand their obligations under the contract law.

The employer/employee relationship will include the non-negotiable National Employment Standards (NES) and through an employment contract both the employee and employer

  • will know the weekly hours the employee is to work;
  • can negotiate working arrangements;
  • understand the entitlements to annual leave, parental leave, personal carer’s leave, compassionate leave, community service leave and long service leave.

The most common issue that the Fair Work Commissioner in the Industrial Tribunal deals with are Unfair Dismissal cases where there has been a wrongful termination of an employee’s employment.

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