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“Knock, Knock Police”!…the sound no one wants to hear

If police come to your door without a warrant and you don’t require their help, you may simply not answer the door at all.

The police can enter your home without a warrant or your permission to arrest someone when they have reasonable grounds to believe that, for example they need to enter to prevent someone inside from being seriously injured or killed.

As hard as it may sound, remember your manners!

Despite what you may have seen on American law and order TV shows, here in South Australia you do not have the right to remain completely silent.

In your conversations with police whether at your home in Adelaide or on any street in Christies Beach, Magill, Morphett Vale, Norwood or Renmark, or for that matter anywhere South Australia you must give the police officer,

  • your full name,
  • the date of birth,
  • the address where you usually live
  • the address you are living at that moment, and if you have a business
  • your business address

You see if you don’t give up this information or if you give false information you will be committing a criminal offence and you can be fined or even imprisoned for 3 months.

Be Warned Also….

If you are arrested or even if you are not arrested but you are a suspect in an offence then you MUST agree to police taking sample of your DNA.

No Way!!! I Hear You Say!!

If you refuse or stop police from taking the sample of the DNA then you are committing an offence, for which you can be arrested or even have bail refused.

DNA samples are usually taken by buccal swab (i.e. a swab inside the cheek) or finger-prick.

You still have the right though to remain silent if police ask you any questions about any allegations that have been made against you.

Allegations or criminal and police charges can be bewildering and scary and have a devastating effect on both the person accused and their families.

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