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STOP — Don’t Pay That Speeding Fine If You Don’t Agree With the Speeding Ticket

Once you have paid an on-the-spot fine for a traffic offence, you will lose demerit points. Don’t pay that speeding fine until you have spoken to ORB Lawyers.

Payment of the fine is treated as an admission that you committed the offence. If you are going to dispute the fine, come to ORB Lawyers at Christies Beach or Adelaide and get legal advice before the due date that the fine is to be paid and before you pay the fine. You can choose to dispute the speeding fine (expiation notices) and request a review, but you cannot do this after the due date or if you have already paid the fine. You may be able to appeal a driver’s licence suspension on the grounds of ‘severe or unusual’ hardship. Seek out traffic lawyer Adelaide at ORB Lawyers and get their legal advice about your individual circumstances.

Did You Know?

If you are the holder of a provisional driver’s licence and you accumulate over four demerit points, (and risk losing your driver’s licence) you may be eligible to enter into a Safer Driver Agreement for the duration of your P-plates.

If you are the holder of a full driver’s licence and you accumulate 12 or more demerit points (and risk losing your driver’s licence) you may elect to accept a Good Behaviour Option and keep your driver’s licence so that you can continue to drive.

Talk to us at ORB Lawyers and if you are eligible for the Safer Driver Agreement or the Good Behaviour Option, we will help you get them.

If you feel the need to challenge the speeding ticket in court and you want the opportunity to explain that perhaps:

  • you did not receive the expiation notice, or
  • you did not commit the offence, or
  • you have an excuse (such as that the offence was ‘trifling’), or
  • you suffer from a cognitive impairment that excuses the offending.

When in court, you are required to explain that you wish to contest the fine and provide evidence as to why the charge should be withdrawn for reasons that may be:

  • you did not receive the expiation notice until after the due date for payment has passed because Australia Post failed to deliver your mail, or because an email containing the notice didn’t get through to your email inbox. Then in that case, the expiation notice must be withdrawn, or
  • you did not commit the alleged offence and the expiation notice should not have been given to you in the first place, or
  • your excuse is that there were humanitarian or safety reasons for the offence (for example, you triggered a red light camera because you were attempting to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance), or
  • you suffer from an acquired disability as a result of illness or injury (e.g. dementia, a traumatic brain injury or a neurological disorder).

So that you have the best opportunity to either have the expiation notice drawn or perhaps negotiate an alternative penalty, at ORB Lawyers our traffic lawyer Adelaide can represent you at court or prepare you before going to court if you are representing yourself.

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