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Do You Need A Family Lawyer In Adelaide?

More and more people are attempting to represent themselves and deal with many complex issues and court procedures as self-represented litigants. Family lawyer Adelaide is complex and highly demanding for all involved.

In a recent conversation with a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Woodville it was suggested that it would be reasonable and logical for people to represent themselves in court proceedings including in the Family Court. It was put to the doctor that people should not represent themselves in court for the same reasons that doctors should not treat family members or perform surgery on themselves, because it is impossible not to be distracted by the pain of the incision and the “treatment” but still remain objective throughout the whole procedure.

There is some truth in the warning that “a self-represented litigant has a fool for a client.” The reality is that a self-represented litigant must be able to isolate the pain and stress of the process and remain unemotional and objective.

Emotions and disappointments can be all-consuming when a partnership – marriage or defector is dissolved. The blame game is often played out particularly if children are part of the relationship and where their well being and future is vitally important. In these circumstances objectivity is a rare thing to find.

You Are Within Reach of Our Family Lawyer At ORB Lawyers.

If you live in Adelaide in any area from Glenelg to Henley Beach, Prospect to Norwood, Burnside to Unley, Plympton or Morphett Vale, Colonel Light Gardens or Blackwood, and you are in the unfortunate – or perhaps fortunate, position where you are needing to separate from your spouse, then you will need to find a lawyer.

Our family lawyer at ORB Lawyers undergoes extensive training in family law that enables us to give our client’s the best advice in relation to Family matters such as:

  • Children Issues
  • Property Division and
  • Separation and Divorce

Separation or divorce inevitably leads to property and perhaps children issues that need work through. Did you know though that after divorce if your former spouse is remains a beneficiary in your Will then after divorce unless you change your Will your former spouse will be eligible for a portion of your estate – maybe even all of it!

Before a negotiated settlement is reached or a decision to march off to court is made it is well worth considering the use of a mediator to settle the differences between the parties. Experience tells us that this approach can be considerably cheaper than going to court and a resolution can be sorted far more quickly this way.

ORB Lawyers have access to qualified experts who are able to act as mediators.

Children and Access

For the children’s sake proper legal advice is absolutely critical when parents separate. The time the children spend with both their parents, the sharing of parenting responsibilities and the expenses children generate all need to be sorted.

The children’s best interests must always be the front and center of all discussions.

In the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court the rights of the child are paramount and the best way to navigate through this complex and at times emotionally charged aspect of family law is to be guided and advised by sensible negotiations led by the family law expertise at ORB Lawyers.

Matrimonial Property

“When we got married my partner had nothing, I worked hard got the deposit for the house paid the mortgage all the bills and they just stayed home, didn’t work, didn’t contribute …..….. the house is mine”

We have had this said to us, one way or another many times over the years. So often property is in joint names and so separating the assets, and even perhaps selling them, means an experienced lawyer who knows all the possibilities is your must-have accessory.

Matters can be further complicated if a family trust has been set up. Here a detailed knowledge of the area of family law is vital. Using the experience of a family lawyer Adelaide at ORB lawyers can mean your rights are protected and most, if not all of your preferred outcomes may be the result.

Separation and Divorce

Sadly many relationships and marriages fail, and the end result is a legal separation.

At ORB Lawyers we understand that for many the experience of separation and divorce can take a heavy toll on all involved and in particular the parties’ emotional well-being. A relationship breakdown is more often than not difficult and sometimes traumatic. The stress can be a major hurdle to overcome and arguing and fighting with your spouse is often an inevitable even if unwanted result of separation.

An independent, experienced family lawyer who knows all the issues can use their experience to help you through this difficult time. If you live in Glenelg or Henley Beach, Unley or Blackwood in fact anywhere in Adelaide and you need a guide to advise and help you navigate through a separation and ultimately, if necessary a divorce lawyer Adelaide then a telephone call to ORB Lawyers is a call you should make.

No two marriage breakdowns or separations are the same. The issues of child support (if children are involved), financial arrangements and property settlements are just three of the issues many couples face which will be unique to their situation.

At ORB Lawyers we do person to person negotiation on your behalf and in doing so this may prevent your matter from taking the path to expensive court proceedings which in turn significantly reduces the cost and expense of a separation.

Mediation, if done successfully can have matters resolved without the need for litigation. If there is no other option other than litigation in Court then in this situation, more than ever you will need an experienced lawyer to represent you and your interests. Getting advice from lawyers with specific expertise in this area of the law who can and will give you valuable advice and help you through the whole process is a must.

At ORB Lawyers we have the experience and knowledge in family law that, in a nutshell means at least two things for the client.

  • It takes some or all of the stress out of a difficult time.
  • You stand the best chance of getting a reasonable outcome, or at least an outcome that you can live with.

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