De facto or married couple separation

De facto or married couple separation

ORB Lawyers’ Expert Guidance for Separating Couples

When a couple – married or de facto, decides to separate, it is important to consider the rights and responsibilities that pertain to their children and matrimonial property. In such situations, legal advice and guidance from professionals like ORB Lawyers can be invaluable.

ORB Lawyers specializes in family law matters and provides expert assistance in navigating the complexities of separating couples. They understand the significance of protecting the rights and interests of all parties involved, especially when it comes to children and matrimonial property.

Children’s Rights and Responsibilities

Firstly, when it comes to children, the rights and responsibilities of separating couples revolve around ensuring their well-being and the children’s best interests. ORB Lawyers can help couples establish time spending arrangements and schedules between parents and children. They can guide parents in creating a nurturing and stable environment for the children while promoting their mental health, emotional and physical development.

Matrimonial Property Division

ORB Lawyers can also assist couples in determining the division of matrimonial property. This includes assets acquired during the marriage, such as homes, vehicles, and investments. They can help negotiate a reasonable, fair and equitable distribution of these assets taking into consideration factors like each party’s financial and non-financial contributions (e.g. that of homemaker), future needs, spousal maintenance and the welfare of any minor children involved.

Throughout the process, ORB Lawyers facilitate lines of communication between the separating couple while emphasising and encouraging the parties to mediate disputes rather than litigate. ORB Lawyers can help find constructive solutions that prioritize the welfare of children, minimize conflicts, and promote a fair and reasonable division of matrimonial assets.


In conclusion, in the event of a separation, it is crucial to address each party’s rights and responsibilities related to children and matrimonial property.

ORB Lawyers, with their expertise in family law matters, can provide valuable assistance in navigating the inevitable complexities associated with separation. They can help establish child sharing arrangements, a fair division of assets, and even spousal maintenance when necessary.

ORB Lawyers’ professional guidance ensures that all parties involved receive the necessary legal protection and support during this challenging time.

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