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Where There Is A Will, There Should Be A Lawyer.

Silent movie star Charlie Chaplin died Christmas Day 1977 and when the priest, while giving him his last rites he said to Charlie, “May the Lord have mercy on your soul”, Chapman replied “Why not? It belongs to him”

You can leave many things in your last Will and Testament, but your soul you cannot. Every new client who comes into the offices at ORB Lawyers is asked whether they have a current Will which reflects their current wishes. Far too many do not.

Sadly some people die intestate, that is without a Will at all or worse have a Will which ignites conflict between family members. Many famous people have died without Wills and they left behind a big mess for their loved ones to clean and fertile grounds for litigation lawyers to feast on.

For example

  • When Pablo Picasso, the famous artist, who died in 1973, because his Will was so badly written it took six years to settle his estate at a reported cost of US$30M. What little was left was eventually divided up amongst his six heirs;
  • Heath Ledger, the actor, died in 2008 leaving a Will which left everything to his parents but his Will was made before the birth of his daughter, Matilda who received nothing.
  • Jimmy Hendrix died without a Will in 1970 and for more than 30 years after his death, during which time his estate lawyer Adelaide continued to generate money from royalties, there were fights over his estate;
  • In 1990, Australian multi-millionaire, Robert Holmes a Court, who was then one of the country’s richest men, died without a legal Will. He had a Will prepared and for months he carried the Will in his briefcase but just did not get around to signing it.

If you have a Will which says what you want it to say, then rest easy. If you don’t have a Will, ask yourself if this will make it easier for the members of your family left behind to honour your soul and remember your legacy with gratitude.

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