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At ORB Lawyers we guide clients to:

  • Naming the executor or executor(s) of the Will
  • Nominating who is to receive what from the client’s possessions.
  • Decide what happens to that share of the estate if one of the client’s children pass before the client.

“A Testamentary Will deals with the client’s possessions after the maker of the Will has passed”

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Testamentary Will $440 Inc. GST* (Single Will Only*)

Our Lawyers will prepare a standard will & we guide clients to:

  • Naming the executor or executor(s) of the Will
  • Nominating who is to receive what from the client’s possessions.
  • Decide what happens to that share of the estate if one of the client’s children pass before the client.

Anyone can make a will, and it gives extra peace of mind and a sense of security to many people to know that their loved ones will be taken care of when they pass. Without a will, assets don’t necessarily go to family members, so it makes sense to draft a will ahead of time to ensure that the right people benefit from whatever you leave behind. Use an estate planning lawyer to ensure you take care of everything.

If a will isn’t made, then your estate will be distributed according to a fixed formula determined by the government. Call us for expert advice by Adelaide’s trusted wills and estate lawyers Adelaide, Wayville and Christies Beach.

Enduring Power Of Attorney

Our wills lawyer will prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney to assist clients to:

  • Name the person or persons to look after the finances.
  • Decide when the person or persons are permitted to take over looking after the client’s finances.
  • Lodge the Enduring Power of attorney in Lands Titles Office, if necessary

“An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document that deals with circumstances where for one reason or another (mental or physical) the client cannot deal with financial matters themselves (eg access bank accounts, pay mortgages, deal with privacy issues etc) and require someone else to do this for them.”

This document is a legally binding agreement that nominates someone else to make decisions on your behalf, should you become ill or mentally or physically incapacitated in any way. This person will have the authority to handle all of your financial affairs, such as accessing bank accounts, paying mortgages, and dealing with privacy issues.

Advance Care Directive

We prepare an Advance Care Directive to help our clients to:

  • Name the person or persons who are to make decisions about the client’s health and well-being.
  • Decide when the person or persons are permitted to take over the client’s health and medical care.
  • Decide when the person or persons are permitted to decide where the client’s are to live.

An Advance Care Directive is sometimes referred to as a Living Will and is designed to deal with both medical and health care issues. Previously (before 2014) medical and healthcare issues were dealt with by way of two documents, 1. An Instrument Appointing an Enduring Guardian and 2. Medical Power of Attorney.

This legal document can be drafted to ensure that, should you become ill in the future, a nominated person can act on your behalf to make decisions about your medical care. This includes making decisions about resuscitation measures and life support. An enduring guardian will have the authority to carry out your wishes on your behalf if you suffer from a long-term condition or if you suffer from dementia.

Contesting a will in Adelaide and inheritance claims

If you want to contest a will for any reason, then our will lawyers can assist with this. You may wish to contest a will or put in a claim for inheritance if you feel a friend or family member has failed to include you in their will, or if you believe that you have been left with an insufficient share. Ask us about our contesting a will solicitors Adelaide service by ORB Lawyers. Need a deceased estate lawyer Adelaide? Find yourself disputing a will? Call us today!

Our wills lawyers can assist clients with all matters relating to wills and estates, including handling powers of attorney and advance care directives. Our wills solicitors have worked on many different cases over the years and offer a reliable and highly skilled set of services that will ultimately make the process less stressful for you. Need an interpreter to make a will? Sure, just call us and we’ll assist you!


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Why do I need a will?

Having a valid will is the only way you can be sure the people who matter most will be looked after because it’s the will that deals with your possessions after you die.

Why do I need an Enduring Power of Attorney if I have a will?

An Enduring Power of Attorney looks after your financial affairs while you are still alive if you are unable to do it for yourself. For example, it allows someone to access your banking accounts to pay your bills and the mortgage.

I have told my children what I want to happen to me if I lose it, so why do I need an Advance Care Directive?

If your children are not around, or they can’t agree, then an Advance Care Directive sets out the arrangements that you want when you can’t speak or do or think for yourself.

What happens if I’m left out of a will?

You may be able to contest a will with an inheritance claim if you think you have been unfairly treated.

I am the executor of my mother’s will, what do I do now?

If you have been appointed as executor of a will, we can assist with legal advice to complete all the legal documents and assist with the process of obtaining probate.

What happens if someone disputes my father’s will?

You will most likely require legal assistance if you encounter a dispute between beneficiaries of a will as this a very complex area of the law and it can get very emotional and stressful.

“I personally guarantee to provide you with the utmost care & attention to detail when assisting you in creating your will”

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