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Nobody wants to hire a criminal lawyer Adelaide – some describe it like visiting the dentist after a long absence- but a good lawyer may sometimes advise you that you don’t need a lawyer at all and that there is an alternative. At times however and whether we like it or not there are certain events which need expert advice that lawyers such as those at ORB Lawyers can, will and do provide.

Knowing your rights and obligations could save you from perhaps a larger fine or even keep you out of jail. If your matter involves court appearances at the Adelaide Magistrates Court, the Christies Beach Magistrates Court or the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court perhaps the Family Court, the District Court or Supreme Court, then you should have a lawyer experienced in cases that are heard in these Courts.

What To Do When You Are Being Investigated For A Criminal Offence.

There are a number of things you need to be aware of if you are in this situation when police are questioning you.

DO NOT make the situation worse by being aggressive, rude, or unco-operative towards the police.

You DO NOT have the right to remain completely silent.

You DO NOT have to answer any questions related to the alleged offence but, if the alleged offence deals with sexual matters involving a child or children, the police may also require you to tell them any place or places where you work.

If police ask, you DO have to give them:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your current address
  • Your usual address if not your current address
  • Your business address.

BE WARNED however that you are arrested you have no choice but to give a swap for your DNA.

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At ORB Lawyers we will speak with you in private and we will be with you when the police interview you formally.

We at ORB Lawyers cannot answer questions on your behalf but we can guide and advise you as to how you should answer or may be not answer the question at all!

If the police intend to charge you, your lawyer can ask that you be released on bail until the matter comes next to court.

ORB Lawyers can negotiate the terms of your bail to ensure that any restrictions bail places on you do not unfairly impact on your ability to work whether your place of employment is in Glenelg, Prospect, Norwood, Plympton, Hallett Cove or Christies Beach.

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